1204, 2024

Unveiling the Art of Coffee: From Bean to Cup at Goldstruck

In the bustling heart of Toronto, where the rhythm of the city meets the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, lies Goldstruck Coffee – a beacon for aficionados seeking not just a cup of joe, but an experience woven with the finest threads of sustainability and craftsmanship. Join us on a journey as we delve into the artistry behind every sip, from the ethically sourced organic beans to the skilled hands of our baristas. The Essence of Excellence: Ethically Sourced Organic Beans At Goldstruck, we believe that great coffee starts with great beans. That's why we are committed to sourcing [...]

1104, 2022

4 tips for brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home

In our last post, we shared the 5 most popular ways of making coffee at home! Today, we will give you 4 golden tips on the steps before the brewing itself! Well, as one of the most popular coffee shops in Yorkville, Toronto, we know what we are talking about! We all agree that a good cup of coffee can set our mood and give that much needed extra energy boost. If you are looking to make a heavenly cup yourself, we got you covered! From how to store the beans properly to understanding the correct coffee-to-water ratio, following these [...]

104, 2021

The vibrant coffee culture at Yorkville Village

While coffee is not natively grown in Canada, the first reference to coffee being drunk in North America was back in 1668. In the 1960s if you asked the average person, they did not know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. But, today, coffee is the most popular hot beverage in the country. Yorkville Village in Toronto has a different story, though. Back in the 1960s, Yorkville housed the city’s most popular coffee houses, including the Riverboat, The Purple Onion, and the Penny Farthing. Yorkville was a sanctuary for the counterculture movement in Canada. A network of [...]

1210, 2020

5 different ways to make coffee at home

During these pandemic times and the stay-safe measures, we all miss spending time in our favourite cafes to enjoy a good cup of coffee While we can support the local small coffee shops by purchasing a coffee-to-go, we can also go the extra mile: buying the coffee beans we love from our favourite cafes and brew our own coffee at home. At first, it might seem a difficult task to deal with… But don’t get intimidated! We have listed the 5 most popular manual coffee brewing methods to help you overcome this challenge and make the perfect cup of coffee! [...]